The Frontier House is a 708sf residence designed as a case study to test an affordable, quality-made, and

high-performance housing option for Green River, Utah.


Green River, UT is in need of not just affordable housing, but also durable and efficient housing.


of houses in Green River

are dilapidated or deteriorated

by USDA RD standards from Epicenter's 2013 Town Assessment Study

28% of all homes in Green River are trailers with a total of 49% of the local population living in trailers.


Two-thirds of all Green River trailers were constructed before the US Department of Housing and Urban Development established a building code for trailers in 1976.

We think there is another option for our community:

a residence that is designed uniquely for Green River, which grows in value because of its quality, lasts longer because of its durability,  and  performs better because of its design.




Enter, the Frontier House


The Frontier House is a case study for affordable and durable stick-built housing in rural Utah.








The house will be a case study model, teaching best practices for efficient construction. During construction, community members will be invited to on-site discussions, trainings, and workshops to exhibit what we're doing to test material weatherization, how we're protecting against water infiltration, and how we're using durable materials that are best-suited for the climate.








After completion, the house will be monitored for three years, tracking utility expenses, material durability, and use. The house will remain in Epicenter’s ownership, used as housing for our artists-in-residence, interns, and volunteers. In this way, Epicenter will keep the house as a tour-able unit and a continual learning tool for ourselves, visitors, and community members.








Everything that we learn will be recorded. The full construction documents, including plans and specifications, will be made public in order to grow our community's local knowledge base. What we learn now will help future homes in Green River be affordable, durable community assets.


285 N Broadway, Green River, UT

Currently, we are on track to begin construction in October 2016 and finish in December of the same year.





But this can only happen with your help.


There are lots of ways to get involved in this project. From attending a workshop to donating time or money, we would love your support.






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Thanks to American Express, the Wells Fargo Foundation, Wells Fargo Housing Foundation, Bike & Build, McCarthey Family Foundation, Rocky Mountain Power Foundation,  Sorenson Legacy Foundation, and Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund, we have reached most of our funding goals. However, construction is expensive so if you are interested in donating to this project, please click the donate button above.




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